Efficient Audit Solutions and Services

Payer Audits will increase payment denials and operating costs unless your Health System is well prepared and organized.

Payer Audits are permanent ongoing programs and there are new essential activities that must be effectively managed as a regular business process. These activities include:

·     Processing medical records requests in a timely and cost-effective manner

·     Processing demand letters

·     Appeal decision, preparation, and follow-up

·     Financial tracking and reporting, forecasting and cash-flow analysis

·     Studying and quantifying results to prevent future losses

If your Health System Team is attempting to manage these complex activities with basic PC applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook we invite you to learn about a vastly more efficient method for your team.

RACManager is an advanced Web-based Audit Management Solution. Our solutions require virtually no time from your Information Services and you can be "Audit Ready" in less than a week. We also have expert staff and great support.

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Auto-send your documents
Electronically (esMD) with RACManager

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It only takes a few minutes four times per year to report to RACTrac but it will require countless ongoing hours from your staff if they try to manually populate payment data in the RACTrac spreadsheet.

Annual Hours Saved

When you use RACManager you will no longer need to manually populate the RACTrac spreadsheet because demographic and numerical data is automatically imported daily from your Medicare 835 Electronic remittances.

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More Versatile

Manage MAC ADRs, CERTs, and More!

  • Multiple User Defined Audit Types
  • User Defined Email Alerts and Deadline
  • Same Day Electronic Document Submission
  • Electronic Remittance Process for Medicare Auditors
  • Attach and Store All Documentation
  • Simple to Use and Setup

Automatic Financial Reports for RAC

What if your team could instantly access critical RAC financial reports without doing anything?

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